Is it difficult to digitalise?

With so many definitions of digitalisation, it can be hard to know how to start or continue the digital journey. Swedwise’s speciality is to help our customers navigate this “digital overload” and find their focus.


Digitalisation doesn’t mean changing your business overnight. We help you identity where digital value can be added to your existing document processes. We then implement the right solution using the best technical know-how available. The result is long-term benefits for your organisation, which create the possibility to unlock new opportunities during your digital journey.


With Swedwise, you can quickly scale up your team to meet demand. We work as partners to you – acting as a specialist part of your IT department, and proactively anticipate your needs. We’ll help you evaluate current processes, and then assist in implementing recommendations to ensure your success.

Your digital journey partner

Headquarted in Karlstad, Sweden and with offices in Stockholm and Gothenberg, Swedwise is 100% privately owned. Working with Enterprise Information Management since 2010, we have delivered solutions based on the specific needs of our customers with impressive results and testimonies.

With Swedwise, you get the most cost-effective way to package, distribute and automate your business data within the Customer Communications and Enterprise Information Management space.


Let us show you how we can make a difference to your business. Contact us. You can also download the guide below to find out more about digitalising your business.

 Swedwise - Go Digital Guide



+ Support and Contingency

Our Service Desk is manned by professional certified technicians, and contingency services can be tailored to simple event handling to advanced troubleshooting.

+ Document Management

With our tailor-made solutions, we’ll help you transform you add value and automate your documents without losing service quality.

+ Systems Integration

Our partnerships with leading technology providers allow us to provide you with scalable, smart, and innovative solutions.

+ Applications and platforms

Ensure, enhance or update your systems in the most cost effective, value-adding way.

+ Swedwise Academy

Swedwise Academy provides in-depth training and certification to strengthen knowledge and drive innovation.