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Benders experience easier, faster and simpler communications with their customers and suppliers

Benders is a leading producer in the Nordic market for Roofing and flooring. It also conducts property management. Benders employs 950 people with a presence in seven countries. Swedwise helped Benders automatically provide dynamic information to business documents, which have had a positive impact on day-to-day operations.


Despite a modern business system, Benders wrestled with the fact that documents were static in their content while the business needed to able to communicate dynamically. For example, in each delivery there is a need to communicate with customers and suppliers through personal texts and unique pictures in the business documents. It was desirable to be able to control what information would be included in the documents in an automated way, with parameters including target groups, product groups, geography and more. The majority of ordinary and daily documents such as orders, agreements and confirmations also needed this level of flexibility.

A clear example was a purchase order, which needs to get unique information depending on where different stores are located geographically, what language is used and which product group it is. Many times it was a challenge to attach the correct information such as contact info, opening hours and other conditions.


The solution consists of a web-based interface whereby Benders can manage the unique needs and requirements of its business documents. The tool sets rules for which texts and images are customised based on target groups, product groups, geography etc. The rules can also be customised for other purposes: For example, some information is included in the documents for limited date periods such as safety messages or greetings during holidays.

”Swedwise are very competent and carried out their delivery professionally”

– Mathias Olsson, Operations Chief, Benders AB.


Being able to deliver accurate information customised for the recipient at the right time, means a lot to Benders. The tools that are used today to automatically provide dynamic information to the business documents have a major impact on day-to-day operations. This is measurable in delivery precision, how much time it saves functions such as administration, customer support improvements, and additional sales. The investment in the project has had a very short ROI of one year.

Customer Success Story

Benders Customer Success Story

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