Customer Cases

With Information Management of the highest quality, our aim is to give companies more time to focus on real value of their business.

+ Göta Energi delivers better Customer Experiences

Göta Energi drives innovation, growth and creates better customer experiences.

+ LBC logistik increase productivity with digitised documents

LBC Logistics improving administration capacity more satisfied customers, greater volumes and increased profitability.

+ Faster innovation for VGR

Västra Götalandsregionen faced the challenge to accelerate digitization in parallel with traditional system integration and management.

+ Secure information flows for Region Stockholm

Region Stockholm improved information flows through faster, simpler, and more secure System Integration.

+ Benders improve Customer Communications

Benders experience easier, faster and simpler communications with their customers and suppliers.

+ Rexel take control with Digital Asset Management

Rexel centrally manages video, images and audio files automatically.