LBC Digitalise: Case Study

LBC Digitalise: Case Study

January 22, 2018 / ,

Increased productivity with digitised document management

Swedish Transport and Logistics company LBC Logistisk AB has gone from handling thousands of orders, shipping notes and invoices manually to completely digitalising the process using vehicle computers together with help from Swedwise for efficient document management. This resulted in LBC Logistics improving administration capacity more satisfied customers, greater volumes and increased profitability.


When Henrik Gillisson took over as CEO of LBC Logistik AB in 2010, the company was characterised by sluggish economic growth, which need to be rectified without increasing the number of staff. One obstacle was how the company handled nearly 50,000 orders invoices and shipping notes via SMS, mail, phone and post manually – an extremely time-consuming job for the company’s administration department. The risk for human-errors, such as paper work going missing was therefore quite apparent.

LBC Logistik AB was established in 2003 and has offices in Kristinehamn and Karlskoga. LBC Logistik AB is a transport-selling company active in the construction, machinery, environment, remote, volume, bid and flow sectors. Today, they have a total of about 40 partners, which are estates in Värmland and Örebro County. LBC acts as their land and service organisation.

“Digitisation is a prerequisite for competitiveness and economic development” – Henrik Gillisson, CEO, LBC.


70% of shipping document-handling digitised

With the help of Swedwise’s expertise in document management and integration, LBC automated these time-consuming administrative processes by linking their transport management system, TDX with OpenText Exstream (StreamServe).


Reducing the administrative burden on management staff has meant that they now have more time to concentrate on their core business. Swedwise has also helped LBC with the installation of a scanning system for digitising incoming business documents. With Nuance Autostore, entire documents can be indexed so they become becomes searchable – making it easier to read information that comes from paper formats. In addition to internal documents, other smaller projects have additionally contributed to the company’s digital development.

“Digitisation is about identifying a challenge, and then taking small, clear and isolated steps as you go along” Henrik Gillisson, CEO, LBC.

Increased profitability

The result of digitisation is clear. In 2007, LBC Logistisk had a turnover of 134 million kromor with 11 people managing 49,000 orders. By 2017, sales increased to 180 million with 59,000 orders – retining the same staffing strength of 11 people. With digitization, LBC Logistics is able to create more value for its customers – by saving time, money and effort.

Digitalisation and everyday life

Swedwise and LBC have been working closely together for three years, constantly working on continuous improvements, which has enabled LBC to keep its focus on what they are good at – their core business. It means that LBC are now able to grow their competitive advantage – accelerating beyond compnaies who are still held down by time-consuming manual processes.

“With Swedwise, we get a contact that understands our requirements, our processes and what we need help with”. Henrik continues, Digitisation is a part of everyday life, a way of working, an approach and a natural development of the company. Unfortunately, I think many people are afraid of digitisation, they think it’s something new and do not know what it means. To me, digitalisation is a development work that is part of everyday life” says Henrik.

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