Swedwise Academy provides expert in-depth I.T. training and certification to help you and your company further develop skills in key document management and integration technologies.

Join Academy

Together with our partners, we offer a variety of training courses in several technologies. These courses either take the form of workshops, seminars or distance e-learning. Our developers, technicians and analysts ambition is to stand-by-your side and actively assist you in continually developing your skill-set.

Courses available

  • Data Capture (Kofax ReadSoft Invoices och ReadSoft Documents)
  • System Integration (xTrade, MuleSoft, inobiz och SQL)
  • Output Management (Opentext Exstream, StreamServe, Content Server and Content Suite)
  • Interactive Correspondance (OpenText Composition Center, and AdHoc)
  • Version Control (Git, Mercurial)

Course goals

After each course, you will have acquired a thorough knowledge of each subject, and be able to put the acquired knowledge directly into practice.

Who should attend?

These courses are for you as a programmer, software developer, database administrator, or if for any other reason you need a good detailed knowledge of the subjects offered such as SQL.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us.