Customer Communications management

Easily automate internal and external personalised communication via a centralised platform.

Swedwise is a specialist in Customer Communications Management (CCM). Our CCM platforms are according to Aspire industry leaders. Our customers say with Swedwise solutions they experience a better day at work. Communication takes place faster and is more personalised for the recipient.

What is CCM: Customer Communications Management?

Customer communications management helps create better interactions between your organisation and its customers, suppliers and other business partners. You can engage them with personalised, relevant information, anywhere, anytime and on a platform of their choice. Done right, CCM can improve customer loyalty, provide valuable insight into your customer journeys, and lower costs by automating processes.

A centralised Customer Communications Management Platform


With CCM you can optimise the design, management, and delivery of ultra-personalised communications. This can be applied to documents such as invoices, letters, customer correspondence, statements, policies, and contracts – regardless of the data source to any channel or digital formats.


Accelerate the creation, collaboration, production, storage and distribution of digital media across the ecosystem of authorised employees, users and partners.


Get to market up to 85% faster with powerful content management, customisation and integration tools.

StreamServe – Part of Exstream Platform

StreamServe (OpenText™ Exstream) simplifies the design and editing of all types of documents for Omnichannel communications. User permissions ensures compliance. With StreamServe (OpenText™ Exstream), you can create, produce and distribute your documents via one independent communications layer.

StreamServe (OpenText™ Exstream) enables digital communications regardless of data source and outputs to over any channel and format.

A New Generation CCM-Tool

  • STORY TELLER: Create web-based dynamic documents with pre-approved templates
  • COMPOSITION CENTER: Set rules and control content to follow your businesses graphic profile.
  • AD HOC OCH REVIEWER: Change or add content on demand, preview, and publish.
  • COLLECTOR ARCHIVE: Store documents, retrieve, check and send instantaneously.

From any data source to any format

Streamserve enables digital communications regardless of data source and outputs to over 60 different formats. Business applications that typically use OpenText™ Exstream and StreamServe include, but are not limited to:

  • Microsoft™ Dynamics AX
  • OpenText™ Content Server
  • mySAP, SAP™
  • Infor™ M3
  • Jeeves Jeeves Information Systems
  • ASW BS Enterprises

Customer Communications Management: Licenses and training

We are both certified OpenText™ Select and Support Partners. Swedwise provides licenses, upgrades and training for a range Customer Communications Management solutions. Contact us to find out more.

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