Digital Process Automation

Meet your workflow needs with automatic interpretation, document classification, and entry into your business systems.

Digital Process Automation (DPA) is the evolution of Business Process Management (BPM). Just like BPM, DPA aims to cut costs and drive efficiency. However, today’s organisational processes must also stay highly adaptable in the face of digital transformation and the faster delivery of new applications. To achieve this, Digital Process Automation digitises information flows end-to-end; ‘filling in’ the manual process gaps between workflow and customer/supplier/partner interaction.

How does DPA work?

Transform all documents into actionable information

By digitising documents like purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices, organisations can manage incoming and outgoing documents through a seamless digital end-to-end process: Regardless of the structure or format of the documents. Since DPA captures processes and workflows in real time, detailed analytics can also identify areas for improvement quickly, without the need to manually analyse information first.

Digitise information flows end-to-end by ‘filling in’ the manual process gaps between workflow and customer/supplier/partner interaction.

When do I need DPA?

  • I need to increase transactional speed: Minimise the number of steps needed to complete a process.
  • I need to free up staff and make their work easier: Automate repetitive processes and guide knowledge workers through complex tasks.
  • I need to improve information governance and security: Reduce costs, cycle time, user frustration and input errors, eliminate lost documents.

DPA solutions for all document types

Swedwise’s expertise in DPA solutions meet the requirements of document intensive workflows with automatic scanning, validation classification, extraction and retrieval.

In-Data with ReadSoft

With automated mapping and processing of XML formats like UBL, E2B, OIO, EHF, Svefaktura, Finvoice, PEPPOL standards and more, ReadSoft Invoices learns unknown formats based on previous invoices. It doesn’t matter if documents such as invoices are received in envelopes, as email attachments, via XML, EDI or PDF – the solution automatically extracts and validates relevant invoice data with highest level of data capture accuracy with the least human intervention. ReadSoft Invoices will integrate seamlessly with your ERP systems, whatever they are such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics 365 etc. It also automatically differentiates suppliers from buyers and compares against data from your ERP system to determine invoice type like, invoice or credit note.

Combine ReadSoft input with output from OpenText™ Exstream

Solutions such as OpenText™ Exstream can help with the other end of the DPA process – Output. Exstream has been developed to produce all types of “output” from all types of business systems. Readsoft Invoices works like a glove with Exstream’s ability to send documents via Omnichannel. This makes it possible to increase the number of electronic invoices directly in Readsoft’s system and reduce the paper flow. Readsoft, conversely, gives Exstream strength in the digitization of incoming invoices (Data capture).

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We offer licensing, training, consultancy and support for solutions for a variety of DPA solutions. We integrate into your existing ERP environment regardless of platform. To find out more about Digital Process Automation, please feel free to contact us.

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