Enterprise Content Management

Fast and contextual Information Management, which meets the needs of the digital business.

Organizations today create and manage greater information flows. Every business process requires an increasing degree of digital input and output. At the same time, users, both internal and external, demand faster, smoother, and easier access to business-relevant data in a secure way.

This situation can lead to inefficient information management that continues year after year: Too much time is spent searching for the right information in multiple systems, while documents such as invoices are regularly reproduced, and resent, and often then stored in different areas.

These problems can feel overwhelming but the solution is much simpler than expected.

Welcome to The Swedwise Way

Enterprise Content Management Simplified

We have developed a concept that combines OpenText™ Content Suite (the leading Content Services Platform according to Gartner), with a methodology that you implement at your own pace.

The market-leading Content Services Platform

With OpenText ™ Content Suite, organisations can enable fast, cost-effective, and contextual information management. This is achieved by using a standardised configuration in combination with industry “best practice”.  This approach easily solves individual day-to-day content management issues, while creating an interconnected and central solution.

Enterprise Content Management with OpenText™ Content Suite.

Develop, control and secure your information with OpenText™ Content Suite.

Make it easier to collaborate, search and share your information

A standardised integration with Microsoft™ Office 365 means it is easy to control, organize, and make information available securely internally and externally. This creates new opportunities for collaboration, secure storage, and access to the organization’s entire information base.  At the same time, the platform ensures automated regulatory compliance. This means existing processes are complemented, while business value is increased exponentially.

“Swedwise is an innovation partner and enabler”

– Patrik Södersten, Business & Operations Development Manager at Energizing, Fortum Consumer Solutions.

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Enterprise Content Management doesn’t have to be complicated. Let Swedwise help you take control – step-by-step. Talk to our Key Account Manager David Hedström or call +46 730 82 31 80.

Swedwise is an OpenText PartnerSwedwise is an OpenText Partner