Inobiz DS Mapping

If you need to integrate and connect systems within an enterprise (EAI) and / or between businesses (EDI), but also to integrate the systems with the Web (Internet), our expertise in Inobiz DS can provide cost-effective, easy to use and scalable and adaptable solutions to both large and small systems.


Graphical Data Mapping, Conversion and Transformation

In a visual environment, you can create quickly and easily conversions

High Productivity

Create simple conversions, or mappings, in less than half an hour

Powerful Functionality

Inobiz DS sets source format and target format in order to  connect and transform data between formats

User friendly environment

With these features as a starting point, you can convert between almost all known formats. In Inobiz DS you just connect in-data to out-data by dragging and dropping links with the mouse. For example:

  • EDIFACT or X12 catalogs
  • XML or XSD document
  • An existing SQL database
  • WSDL (WebServices)
  • Proven EDI technology in accordance with format standards EDIFACT, Odette, and X12
  • XML documents based technology
  • Modern web-service technology, including use of SOA solutions


Swedwise provides licenses for Inobiz’s Integration Suite, Contact us to find out more.

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