Content Suite and Content Server

OpenText Content Suite & Server

Our team has wide experience in deploying OpenText Content Suite and Content Server. It is a fully featured, highly scalable, web-based document management system providing a secure, single repository for organizing and sharing enterprise content. It provides application governance & archiving for Microsoft SharePoint, Extended ECM for SAP Solutions, Extended ECM for Oracle E-Business Suite, Email Management,  and integration with other OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) offerings.


Powerful navigation tools

Access all contextual information stored in the Content Server.


Allow developers to quickly build an application on top of Content Server.

Widget Framework

Set of reusable HTML5 widgets that can be used to expose Content Server content and functionality in any web application.

Extended Platform

OpenText Content Suite Platform has a number of optional, fully-integrated applications for organizations with specific requirements.

Content Server

OpenText Archiving for Content Server is an integral component of the Enterprise Content Management suite. Sophisticated ECM capabilities improve the ability of organizations to establish information security and governance for all content and all business processes across an organisation.

  • Ensure the authenticity of archived content
  • Retain detailed audit trails of activity
  • Define archiving rules

Archive server

The OpenText Archive Server is a scalable and integrated service for archiving all of your enterprise content. This content is archived on a secure document repository, giving you the guarantee that all documents are safely stored for years, yet still instantly available when needed.

  • Archive All-in-One–On premises or cloud-based archival of all content types, securely and centrally managed.
  • Archive for Google® Apps–Full storage, retention, and records management for Google Gmail and more.
  • Archive for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and File Systems– Advanced archiving for all email and file systems across the enterprise.


Tempobox can ensure private documents don’t become public, files don’t get lost forever because someone has deleted them from your cloud. Security of information is serious business and isn’t something you want to trust to just anyone.

  • Transparently integrated into the desktop experience
  • Easy to enforce audit trails, version control, and permissions
  • Instantly synchronize content across any number of devices
  • Flexible deployment model


AppWorks is the new OpenText developer platform, which exposes the Content Server API and the REST APIs from other EIM platforms as a single, standardized RESTful API. AppWorks Gateway allows developers to make apps in HTML5/CSS and JavaScript in the IDE of their choice, using the tools and frameworks or bootstraps of their preference and then deploy that app at once to users on an array of device profiles such as web, mobile, and desktop.

OpenText EIM Solutions for Microsoft® Office 365

In a Digital-First World, OpenText EIM Solutions for Microsoft Office 365 help organizations support their digital transformation initiatives, while meeting their compliance and information governance requirements within the Microsoft productivity cloud.

  • Integration with microsoft exchange online
  • Integration with microsoft sharepoint online
  • Integration with microsoft office apps and office professional plus

Licenses and Training

Swedwise provides a number of licenses, upgrades and Training within the technologies we work with including, OpenText Content Suite and Server. Contact us to find out more.


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