OpenText Media Management

OpenText Media Management  is a Leading Digital Asset Management solution. It allows you to reuse and repurpose rich media content, in order to maximise the lifetime value and ROI of your digital assets.

DAM and PIM – What’s the difference?

The main difference is that Digital Asset Management deals with all the digital assets that an organisation controls, whereas Product Information Management focuses on the lifecycle of a product.


When do I need DAM?

  • Many people use all assets with different workflows
  • I have a large number of visual assets
  • I need an “official” place to store files within the organisation
  • I have to access, retrieve and use the files frequently, both in and out of the office
  • I frequently share digital assets internally and externally
  • Keeping fast Time-to-Market is critical


OpenText Media Managementcoexists with many other technologies for marketing, business processes and back office. OpenText Media Management is part of a broad portfolio of technology solutions including OpenText CCM and Content Suite & Content Server.

Share your Digital Assets

If there are many users of your digital assets with different workflows, OTMM gives your organisation a central “official” place to store your media. It increases the security of your assets while ensuring the right content and rich media is delivered to your customers in the format and on the devices they choose.


Build better brand value, content marketing and customer experiences by maximising the lifetime value and ROI of your digital assets.

Reuse and repurpose rich media content, in order to maximise the lifetime value and ROI of your digital assets

Maximise the Lifetime Value of your Digital Assets

OpenText Media Management has workflow-driven, multichannel capabilities for producing, publishing, and distributing digital media and content through a secure, scalable platform:

  • Marketing Collaboration: Improve the back and forth between external media content suppliers with streamlined creation, revision, review and approval.
  • Mobile Application: Notifications alert you of pending tasks and ability to approve assets.
  • User Experience Improvements: User-friendly interface with editing features for faster reuse of images.
  • Rich Media Analysis:  Auto-tagging for rapid discovery to identify images.
  • Adaptive Media Delivery: Streamline finished marketing content with automated delivery of renditions for omni-channel marketing and Content Delivery Networks (e.g. Youtube).

Intelligent Storage

OTMM let’s you automate the process of storage of content based on business rules available as part of the Admin UX. It also allows content storage in the Public Cloud with built-in connectors.


Intelligent storage management gives you multiple options based on the content

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OpenText Media Management Licenses

Swedwise is a certified OpenText partner. We provide licenses, upgrades, and training. Contact us for more information.

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