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No matter if you already are an existing xTrade user or new to the xTrade Communications Suite, we can assist you with implementing and using this powerful business integration and communication tool.

What is xTrade?


Secure and Traceable

Flexible Integration

EMS-suite with mapping and ETL functionality already implemented


Solutions can easily be created regardless of what IT systems, platforms or standards your communication partners use

Secure Integration

Military Grade Security and reliability accredited by NATO

Stable and Reliable

xTrade empowers you to cooperate with your partners over various networks, different technologies, ERP systems and other applications. You can start off with a small xTrade Business Connect unit and successively enlarge your information system, all the way up to a large clustered VAN service with separate front-end and processing machines.


  • LAN and WAN communication between autonomous computer systems
  • Message exchanges using arbitrary formats
  • Queue handling, Acknowledgements/notifications
  • Data processing, 
 Message mapping, Transaction handling
  • Traceability using message and administration logs
  • Homogenous logging. Transaction logs for the entire message chain, all 
gathered in one log
  • Arbitrary encryption mechanisms 
 Local and remote administration consoles


Swedwise provides a number of licenses and upgrades within the technologies we work with including xTrade. Contact us to find out more.

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