Digital Transformation Top Ten Insights

Digital Transformation Top Ten Insights: Avoid the common pitfalls

May 17, 2016 / ,

How do you best solve the challenges of  digital transformation within your customer communications and content lifecycle processes with minimal risk? In order to be successful, an organization must be able to find, evaluate, understand, and efficiently use its information. This means viewing digital transformation as a tool, not a target in order to succeed.

Swedwise have compiled a list of top insights to help you find your focus, and better understand what the impact of digital transformation means for your company and its customer communications management (CCM) processes.

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1. You can’t do it on your own: Vision and Leadership

You can’t just do this as a department or as an individual. Digital transformation involves marketing, B2B sales, IT and technology and operations. As a CIO CMO, or key stakeholder, you need to be clear that every single department will have to step up. So you have to be able to engage, be patient and be prepared to take the organisation on a journey.

2. Operational Efficiency

While making your business work faster and more effectively, operational efficiency should always be the priority. The focus of your digital strategy should be getting your products into the hands of more customers and establishing yourself as an industry leader. The effective use of effective customer communications management is a key driver of how your top-line in the market place

3. Think From The Outside-In: The Digital Customer Experience

Start the process from the customer experience to determine how to drive a customer-facing strategy. A digitalized customer communications management (CCM) strategy is an effective way to engage your customers. Consumers want an omnichannel experience—one that puts them at the center and gives them the freedom to engage using the device of their choice. An automated enterprise document automation platform can be designed not only to create the best experience for customers and but also to serve the entire enterprise without requiring it to rip and replace core legacy systems.

4. Understand Digital Natives

Digital natives, born after 1980, will make up 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025.1 The mindset of millennials demands that you: ‘Know me. Empower me. Wow me’. Companies must master all three. 2.. As Forrester Research reports, mobile users will not be satisfied merely with bills in static PDF format, bank bill payments or even bill consolidation sites. More enterprises are adopting companywide initiatives to simplify the language, add more consistency in their branding elements, and improve the level of personalization.3

1 “Big demands and high expectations: The Deloitte Millennial Survey,” Deloitte, January 2014, Millennial Survey-Report. 2. The Need for Digital Transformation In Customer Communications Management Oracle White Paper June 2015,  3. Craig Le Clair et al, “Brief: Ten Trends Will Reshape Customer Communications Management,” Forrester Research, 5 March 2015.

5. Compliance and Security

In an increasingly mobile first world, digital experiences involve both public and private infrastructure, which raises questions about security, availability and performance. Access to increasing amounts of information requires a comprehensive CCM solution that can address the demands for back ups and auditing, tighter security, data classification (metadata) and protection from threats like litigation. In order to succeed, a company needs a comprehensive but clearly defined agile operating model with regards to its CCM, which can be constantly optimized to meet the demands of compliance.

What actions would you have in your top ten? Send us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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