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Using PIM with Digital Asset Management – Rexel Case Study

February 25, 2020 / ,

Today, we use more and more images, sound and videos in the presentation of the company’s products. It can be in a webshop, in quotes or through other formats – internally and through partners. The functions of a Product Information Management (PIM) system are not sufficient to maintain, edit, initiate and revise these increasing volumes.

Rexel is one of the world’s largest electricity wholesaler groups with operations in 26 countries on three continents. With over 120,000 articles, manual administration around images becomes unsustainable. The rendering and the design of media must (where possible) be digitalised in order to cover all products.

Find out how Rexel, together with Swedwise, implemented a Media Management platform from OpenText, which gave  the business a central storage space for easy creation, reuse and updating of all media files.

Read the Case Study – DAM and Rexel

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