COVID-19: Swedwise's Response

COVID-19: Swedwise’s Response

March 16, 2020 /

The health and safety of Swedwise’s customers and employees is our top priority. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, (Conrona virus) we have started a crisis response group, which closely follows events and to act on the recommendations of and the Swedish government’s strategy and response to the Corona Virus.

Our offices

To counteract the spread of virus, we have introduced clear guidelines and instructions. Our staff to the extent where possible work from home. Moreover, home quarantine is practiced by those who have been in vulnerable areas, and where travel restrictions for future journeys apply. Larger meetings and trainings that cannot be taken online have also been cancelled.

Support services

As virtually all of our support and contingency commitments can be implemented remotely, Swedwise’s delivery of support and emergency services are not significantly affected.

Deliveries and customer meetings

Our goal is to provide services with as little disruption as possible given the circumstance. In order to reduce the risk of contagion, we minimise travel and customer visits with personal meetings. Swedwise has well-developed resources and technology to communicate and work with our customers using digital tools.  As far as possible, we will direct most of our meetings to online video-conference calls or the equivalent. Deliveries will as far as possible be carried out remotely.

A high level of service and a secure environment

We will send updates if new regulations apply or if we need to adjust the performance of our services for any other reason. Swedwise will do its utmost to continue to provide a high level of service and a secure environment around our operations and deliveries.

Thank you for continued trust, both in good times and even more, during these challenging times.