OpenText Innovation Tour Stockholm 2017

Three Reasons to meet us at Innovation Tour Stockholm

March 1, 2017 /

It’s soon time for OpenText Innovation Tour Stockholm, March 29. This is your opportunity to collect new insights into how digitalisation will effect your organisation at every level. But just how prepared are you in reality?

We’d like to help you navigate the digital overload by giving you three good reasons to not only attend, but to come and meet Swedwise one-to-one:

1. Identify the way to start or continue your digital journey

Everyone talks about strategies and roadmaps, but what you need is something concrete – the tools to create change. Whether you have already started or have yet to begin, we can help identify the small steps you can take at your own pace towards successful transformation. And in a direction relevant to your business.

2. Unlock the value of your data

Our experience of working with Integration, Output Management and Development is the key to providing a cost-effective way to integrate, visualise and distribute your data within the CCM and ECM space.

3. A better way to work

Discover how your organisation could positively transform customer interactions and experiences while creating unique competitive advantage for your enterprise. We guarantee the security, reliability and control of your data throughout the whole content lifecycle.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Want to reserve a one-to-one? Contact Roger Wall, Sales, Swedwise, Tel: +46 70 279 99 71 or Email: To register please visit Innovation Tour Stockholm