New campaign tool makes better customer relationships

June 7, 2011 /

How can companies use the information they have about their customers in the best way possible? Karlstad Company Swedwise knows how. They have developed a new campaign tool called Bullseye that makes it possible to send messages through various channels based on customer interest. The retail chain Hemtex is now one of the companies using the tool.

The new tool is developed on behalf of Design Company Bording who wanted to offer their customers a complete solution across digital channels and traditional print.

”The new tool Bullseye, enables a company to use all the information it holds about its customers effectively over different media channels. Messages are sent to specific customers, based on their interest and activities. This strengthens the relationship between the company and the customer,” said Roger Wall, Sales Director Swedwise.

Personalised Communication

Simply put, the campaign tool Bullseye uses information about the customer, for example what they are interested in, how they click through a website etc, and then based on these activities, a company can then easily and automatically communicate and send personalised messages via html email, SMS and direct mail.

Roger Wall concludes, ”This means that the customer gets the information she or he is interested in and on channels he or she uses. The company therefore can save resources by not having to communicate the same thing to everyone”.

About Bording
Bording is a design and print company separated into several divisions. Bording Borås deals with digital printing where they produce everything from business cards to brochures and books, using a web-based ordering system; Bording Online. Bording Pålsboda specializes in graphic communications. Here, Bording also produce their smart label solutions package, distribution, and billing – all in one document. This product is aimed at all companies that distribute anything.

About Hemtex
Hemtex is the leading home textile chain with 154 stores in December 2012, of which 132 in Sweden, 19 in Finland and 3 in Estonia. Of these stores, 138 are owned by the Hemtex Group and 16 by franchisees. Under the Hemtex brand stores sell products with a focus on home textiles. Hemtex Group’s annual sales were at 31 December 2012 to a total of 941.1 million kronor.

For more information, please contact: Daniel Isander, Sales Director, Swedwise, Tel: +46 76 769 40 44 Email:daniel.isander@swedwise.se