OpenText Innovation Day Nordic

Report: OpenText Innovation Day Nordic

March 31, 2016 /

Swedwise joined this year’s Opentext Nordic Innovation Day in Stockholm. We set out to demonstrate how companies should view digital transformation as a tool, not a target in order to succeed. The day was filled with case studies and innovative, proven approaches that have solved the challenges of digital transformation.

The Impact of Digital Transformation

Our moderator and guide for the day was author and journalist Mats Lean, who is an expert on how the force of change in accelerating technologies will transform our lives and our society forever in the next few decades.

After the welcome from Mats, the impact of digital transformation was explored. Hanna Widenberg, Solution Consulting Manager Nordic, Opentext demonstrated how there are many levels of complexity that need to be successfully navigated: Our workforce will be dominated by digital natives; information will drive competitive advantage in the digital enterprise; all of the major operating functions of the enterprise will be digital. However, in order to be successful – an organization must be able to find, to valuate, to understand, and to efficiently use its information. Technology needs to be adventurous enough to meet the expectations challenge: revolutionising how a company operates, while also being conservative by making as much use of legacy systems as possible.

A good example of this was demonstrated by Kerstin Svensson from Region Skåne. Region Skåne is responsible for delivering healthcare, public transportation and developing the infrastructure in the Southern part of Sweden. Region Skåne’s digital strategy focuses on simplifying information models, and shows that in order to succeed, a company needs a comprehensive but clearly defined digital operating model that can be constantly optimized.

Find Your Focus in the Age of Digital Overload

The mid-morning coffee break signaled time for Speakers Corner, and Swedwise’s Head of Innovation Daniel Grindelid took center stage with “Navigating Good versus Great: Finding Your Focus in The Age of Digital Overload”. Daniel’s brief but informative talk showed how Swedwise helped one of Scandinavia’s biggest building materials company Benders, find their focus and begin digital transformation – starting with their Customer Communications Management.

Daniel Grindelid navigates digital overload

Swedwise’s Head of Innovation, Daniel Grindelid navigates digital overload at Speaker’s Corner

The two things Daniel’s presentation highlighted were that a company does not necessarily need to completely reinvent itself, but digital transformation will transform and accelerate its organization and processes. This, however, is just the starting point. Going digital requires a digital transformation strategy that integrates these operational changes and technology drivers to ensure that there is a perfectly working synergy between digitalization and the present moving parts of a company. Done well, this can reduce risk and maximize digital ROI.

Accelerate Your Journey to Digital Value

The afternoon’s presentations focused on how companies can accelerate their journey towards Digital Value. Representatives from OpenText showed  examples of  how the power of digital is not just outbound experiences – it’s also the ability to deliver increasingly actionable insights. Sophisticated analytics and data models can help to create highly personalised experiences for customers, employees and business partners.


Bea Usama signs copies of her latest book

Bea Uusma takes over the Swedwise booth to sign copies of her latest book.

As the afternoon draw to a close, external keynote speaker of the day Bea Uusma gave her presentation – The expedition – The Mystery, Passion and to How Dare! Bea is a medical doctor, author and illustrator. Her inspiring talk was a result of a 15 yearlong investigation of the medical mystery surrounding the death of the members of Andrés Arctic Balloon Expedition. Her quest highlighted the positive results of challenging old theories and creating a new paradigm.

Unlock the Value of Digital

In conclusion, focusing only on the digital transformation aspects is only the beginning. Ultimately, the word digital means a collection of business and technology tools.  It’s important not to be blinded by processes, but instead focus on for example, competitive positioning or improving operating efficiency and agility. By focusing on meeting and exceeding how customers, employees and partners experience the company, your company can unlock the true power and value of digital.