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2020 Summary and ready for 2021!

January 20, 2021 /
During 2020, Swedwise closely followed our customers’ needs and challenges in the wake of the pandemic. We have worked, paused, and given it full throttle.

Swedwise also welcomed several new customers, as well as strengthening our existing collaborations. We now look forward to all the planned and additional projects in 2021.

Our Deliveries

The word cloud in the picture above shows a selection of the industries in which our customers are active in.

The focus of our deliveries is on Output Data (CCM), System Integration and Information Management ECM (e-archive, document management), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Process Support (DPA). If you are not one of our valued partners already, we hope that 2021 can be the year when your business and Swedwise collaborate.

Make time for the good

Do you want to create more time for what is most valuable to your business? Contact us and you will receive suggestions for solutions based on your specific goals with the help of industry-leading tools.

We are always available for a dialogue about your challenges and experiences.

Get an insight into how efficient information management and system integration creates more time for the good.

 sales@swedwise.com  or ring +46 54 136 300