Rydahls improve inventory management with Swedwise

December 9, 2012 /

Swedwise AB gets a new customer; Rydahls with a tailor-made data capture solution. In partnership with Ninetech, who will deliver the new business system in the form of Jeeves, Swedwise will help Rydahls control input and output data to the ERP system.

Rydahls specializes in brake parts and friction materials for industrial applications. Rydahls combines solid expertise with an almost unlimited range of products and spares from world-leading suppliers.

By scanning delivery notes Rydahls now can automatically interpret delivery notes and inventory. Such an investment in automated processing creates more organisational value and also avoids the time consuming task of manual tallying against purchase orders.

Rydahls also greatly improve the quality its delivery process by knowing actual inventory levels with the ability to control parts and surplus supplies. This is achieved by creating Warehouse Location lists that are printed automatically.

With Swedwise supplying this effective data capture software, consulting and support services, Rydahl’s staff are now free to perform more important revenue-generating tasks.

”We are proud that our solutions create so much satisfaction and value for our customers. More and more companies are becoming aware of our specialist expertise within many business verticals” said Roger Wall, Sales Director of Swedwise.

About Rydahls
Rydahls is a family business owned by Erik Rydahl. The company has two main focuses; Industrial (Braking systems, friction) and Automotive (Heavy Vehicle, Passenger Car, Light trailers). Headquartered in Karlstad and with service warehouses are in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Rydahls turnover is 110 million and has 45 employees.

For more information, please contact: Daniel Isander, Sales Director, Swedwise, Tel: +46 76 769 40 44 Email:daniel.isander@swedwise.se