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October 8, 2018 /

For all of us who do business with the public sector, the PEPPOL format is compulsory from 1 April 2019. For others, it will reduce costs and simplify the handling of e-invoices and e-commerce. The business opportunities that come with PEPPOL are several.

Does your company belong to those whose customers wish, require or offer e-invoicing? Fast and secure flows aren’t always the same thing as flexibility at lower costs. But with PEPPOL it’s different. 

“It is easy to connect new business partners and manage communications between different solutions. PEPPOL is open to all and is soon established throughout Europe” DIGG – Digital Management Authority Sep 2018.

Earlier E-Invoicing solutions

Simply put, the previous solutions often required a direct link between two companies. The more customers and suppliers, the more connections.

En koppling för varje mottagande kund, ger ibland hundratals kopplingar

A connection for each receiving client sometimes creates hundreds of connections.

 A new standard with PEPPOL

With PEPPOL, a company with a (1) fixed address is registered and the connections are made through the central PEPPOL service to all other affiliated companies.

En fast adress för varje slut företag, ger access till alla anslutna företag.

A Peppol connection gives access to all affiliates.

 Get started with PEPPOL

By sending your XML file via Swedwise WAN service, you reach all PEPPOL-connected companies. All your customers and suppliers get the rest of the e-invoice formatsent to them on the basis of the same file.

If your billing system cannot send information in XML format, Swedwise can help you with that too.

Simplify and future-proof your E-Invoicing

Swedwise has knowledge, tools and experience to Get started with PEPPOL. For those who already use Svefaktura, it’s easy to get going with PEPPOL. Too many e-invoice connections? It’s time to simplify your billing with PEPPOL.

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Get started with PEPPOL