Swedwise deliver output management to Scana

February 3, 2013 /

Output management can provide organisations with greater control over customer case documents and content. This is what happened when Scana Steel minimized manual handling, which helped improve the business operations on which their customers depend on. By implementing an effective Output Management solution from Swedwise, Scana Steel freed-up their IT department for more strategic, core business tasks, instead of the maintenance of large numbers of documents.

Moreover, quality control is important asset to Scana Steel. Ever since the first forge was built in 1656, high product quality has remained the key to the company’s success. Today, Scana Steel is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers. As a member of the Scana group of companies, Scana Steel draws on a wealth of resources of its sister companies Scana Seasub, Scana Söderforsgatan, Scana Booforge and many more. This means data often exists on many different systems, and at many different locations.

Swedwise has therefore called on its software innovation and expertise to create input and output data management for all of Scana Group’s business. The bottom line is significant cost savings in the management of customer correspondence.

The software StreamServe handles input and output from your various business systems and helps create clear, relevant business documents in any format for distribution over any channel; electronically or physically. The advantages of this, is that Scana minimizes manual handling and improves document and service quality.

“Our work for Scana demonstrates our expertise this specialised area of business. To begin with, we will work with Scana Steel in Björneborg and Scana Söderfors. Eventually, we hope this will lead to more assignments within the Group” said Roger Wall, CEO.

About Scana Steel
Scana Steel Booforge is a world leader in the production of large arms for forklift trucks. With Scana’s expertise in free form forging, the company can manufacture large forks and other forged products according to any specification with stringent demands for strength. Since 2009, Booforge also manufactures masts and lifting carriages, and thus complete lifting systems in the heavy segment.

Scana Steel Söderfors AB is a specialized manufacturer of high performing, high purity and high alloy steel for demanding applications. Since 1676, skilled blacksmiths have made Söderfors renowned for its high quality products.
The company possesses a long experience in forging, rolling, heat treatment and machining. Since 1995 the company has been a part of the Scana group.

For more information, please contact: Daniel Isander, Sales Director, Swedwise, Tel: +46 76 769 40 44