Swedwise gives bording better service

Swedwise gives bording better service

July 15, 2011 /

Customisable order catalogs for the retail industry improves service and makes it easier for comapnies to bring new products to the store shelves. Swedwise has developed such a solution on behalf of print and design agency Bording. With Swedwise’s solution Bording now offer their customers an effective tool to manage and use order information from different systems.

A new catalog each month, makes it easier for stores to order products from Arla, while Arla can send out new products faster said Roger Wall, Sales Director, Swedwise.

The solution is also used by Canal Digital, when the company produces programming schedules to dealers and customers.

Roger Wall adds ”Such a solution allows Bording to strengthen its relationship with its customers and become a more complete supplier. It is a development that many in the traditional print industry demand. This type of service great potential”.

About Bording
Bording is a design and print company separated into several divisions. Bording Borås deals with digital printing where they produce everything from business cards to brochures and books, using a web-based ordering system; Bording Online. Bording Pålsboda specializes in graphic communications. Here, Bording also produce their smart label solutions package, distribution, and billing – all in one document. This product is aimed at all companies that distribute anything.

For more information, please contact: Daniel Isander, Sales Director, Swedwise, Tel: +46 76 769 40 44 Email:daniel.isander@swedwise.se