Swedwise Mulesoft Integration race

Solve your integration challenges

November 2, 2016 /

Swedwise in association with MuleSoft want to solve your challenges in the ‘Nordic Integration Race’ on 29 November.

To quickly go from an idea to a usable solution is often complex, with few players that can deliver in a short timeframe. But coming up with a fast and effective solution is Swedwise’s specialty, and is something we want to demonstrate – free of charge – to a selected organisation that has a need to fulfil. 

 Win the Nordic Integration Race

All you need to do is tell us about your systems integration challenges. We will then select an organisation to join us at our Stockholm offices, where in a creative atmosphere, our solution-hungry developers will attempt to come up with a proof of concept – free of charge during a one-day integration sprint. The catch? If we don’t solve it, our developers forfeit a fantastic dinner with you at a premier Stockholm restaurant!

”This is a great initiative from Swedwise, and I encourage organisations of all types to get involved”

– Dwight Maanster, Strategic Account Executive – MuleSoft

Why should I take part?

The Nordic Integration Race is well suited to organisations in search of innovation, agility and new value creation, as well as the ability to unlock legacy assets and decentralise access. Moreover, today’s integration challenges require next generation capabilities across the cloud and on-premises. This event is a great way to address many use cases, including integration (MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform), traditional EDI messaging, and requirements for application integration, data integration and B2B as well as new digital business and IoT needs.

“This is Swedwise’s strength – to quickly reach solutions that work!”

– Peter Burell, Integration Service Manager – SLL

Integration as a team sport

The event is held in association Swedwise’s integration partners Mulesoft: Providers of the Anypoint Platform, which enables organisations to connect applications, data and devices through API-led connectivity, both on-premises and in the cloud. Two to three representitatives of your organisation will meet our team consultants and product specialists at our office at Stadsgården 10, Stockholm at 15:00 CET, November 29th 2016. We will then attempt to show a proof-of-concept before dinner at Gondolen at 19:00.

How can I take part?

Do you want to win the race? Do you think your organisation’s integration challenges could benefit from a fresh, forward-thinking approach? Describe the situation, the systems integration challenges and your role in it, in a mail to Henrik.morner@swedwise.com and we will get back to you with our thoughts. We will then select one organisation to take part in our first integration challenge. Let the race begin!