OpenTest World 2020 and SURG 2020

Upcoming Events: SURG Nordic and OpenText World

October 6, 2020 /

What do you want to achieve this autumn? Create new business opportunities by upgrading your information management platforms? Or maybe grow your skills and expand your network? With physical events unlikely to happen for the rest of the year, we maybe won’t have a chance to meet you in person. But there are instead several upcoming digital events, which we think will be well worth your time…

SURG Digital 2020 -15 October

This is an invaluable event for Opentext Exstream, StreamServe, and CCM users in Northern Europe. This year SURG goes digital, and in doing so offers more opportunities for the exchange of experience and knowledge between members.

Apart from interesting customer cases, news on the latest developments directly from OpenText speakers, as well as live keynotes, you will also have an opportunity to your voice thoughts and influence the future development of Exstream.

As an OpenText Partner, our certified Developers will also be taking part, and look forward to exchanging ideas essential to your success with the Exstream Platform. Please visit the SURG home page for registration.

Swedwise is a certified reseller and support for OpenText solutions including OpenText Exstream, and StreamServe, CCM.

OpenText World 26-29 October – Guest Keynotes, Best Practice, Training & certification and more

OT World is one the best chances this year to gain a valuable overview of topics such as Customer Experience, Content Services, Application Development, and more. Whether you are already a user of OpenText technologies or want to grow your skills, this digital forum provides an excellent way to do so.

OpenText World takes place 26-29, and is free to attend. Keynotes feature not only OpenText experts but also guests former Vice President Al Gore and the visionary futurist and neuroscientist Dr. Poppy Crum.

Training and certification at OpenText World

You can also register to get your users and administrators up and running with a number of training and certification workshops and courses. Besides time International Meet Ups (available live in local time zone), there are also a number of virtual labs for products, Development, and Innovation, which are a chance to offer feedback to influence future product development. Find out more here.

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