Get started with Peppol

Get started with Peppol – simplify your e-invoicing

december 5, 2018 /

This year, Swedwise have already helped our OpenText CCM customers such as Würth, Vossloh as well as Systemair with the distribution of PEPPOL-invoices. PEPPOL makes it easier to connect new business partners and manage communications between different solutions. The format is open to all and is soon established throughout Europe.


Previous solutions often required a direct link between two companies. The more customers and suppliers, the more connections. With PEPPOL, a company with a (1) fixed address is registered and the connections are made through the central PEPPOL service to all other affiliated companies.

By sending your XML file via Swedwise WAN service, you reach all PEPPOL-connected companies. All your customers and suppliers get the rest of the e-invoice formats sent to them on the basis of the same file.

Get started with PEPPOL

Does your company belong to those whose customers wish, require or offer e-invoicing? Swedwise has knowledge, tools and experience toGet started with PEPPOL. For those who already use Svefaktura, it’s easy to get going with PEPPOL. Too many e-invoice connections? It’s time to simplify your billing with PEPPOL.

Want to know more about Peppol?

If you would like more information on how we can help you with PEPPOL or have any other questions please feel free to contact David Hedström: 0730 823180 Henrik Mörner: 0722 116356 Roger Wall: 0702 799971 or email

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Get started with PEPPOL

*This post is part of our “news round-up series”. This is a chance for you to gain insight into the types of industries and organisations we worked with this year, and the solutions used to overcome the various digital challenges.