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Information governance in a world of increasing complexity

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A new generation of content services are changing the way organisations approach ECM. But what are they and how do they help your business?

Many organisations face ever-increasing volumes of information. This information is used both internally and externally with different stakeholders, and in a variety of ways. Information users increasingly have specific requirements for customisable interfaces and workflows. This means the implementation of a monolithic ECM platform for overriding control of content seems at odds with reality.

One size fits none

In practice, a ‘one size fits all’ ECM approach has become complex and cumbersome. This is because it is not the capture, storage and management of content that is at stake. It is how users gain access to the information they need, when and where they need it, and in a format that’s the best for them. Enter the next generation of ECM also known as Content Services.

The next-generation of Enterprise Content Management

Content Services can be described as the next-generation of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. If previous ECM solutions have allowed the capture, management and storage of content through the organisation, then content services extends that to improve information sharing, automation, collaboration and analytics.

It’s important to realise that Content Services don’t replace ECM. Rather they shift the focus to the user and enhance the value in those systems by integrating new capabilities in a platform’s applications and components.

The intelligently connected Enterprise

ECM is no longer only the domain of Records Management and Compliance teams. By connecting content from digital workspaces to digital business productivity, organisations can bridge silos and streamline business processes. By extending ECM capabilities into business processes & applications, content services can accelerate user productivity, improve governance and drive digital transformation.

Maintain, control and secure information

A Content Services Platform such as OpenText Content Suite will therefore not only provide users with improved access and sharing capabilities but also maintain information governance with integrated records management, intelligent metadata management, archive and search capabilities and version control over all business content.

Content Suite’s power lies it its ability to break down the information silos in an organisation that have been built up over the years. Whether your information is stored within the platform itself or in other enterprise repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint, SAP applications, Salesforce, file systems, or email –  Content Suite allows you to take a holistic approach to the company’s information flows, and use them as a driver for innovation and growth.

Develop, control and secure your information with OpenText Content Suite

Develop, control and secure your information with OpenText Content Suite.

A Content Services Leader – Read the Magic Quadrant Report

Each year, the industry recognised analysts Gartner publish the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms. It’s recommended reading for anyone involved in the Information Management/Content Services space. Gartner acknowledges Swedwise’s partner OpenText as a leader of on-premise and cloud-based content services integration to more fully extend the reach and capabilities of ECM. You can read more about the report here.

Gartner acknowledges OpenText as a leader of on-premise and cloud-based content services integration to more fully extend the reach and capabilities of ECM.

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