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Navigate digital change: IT trends for 2019 and beyond

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Is 2019 the year of the API? How will businesses comply with new privacy laws? Will CX take off? We’ve rounded up recent commentaries from Gartner, Forrester and MuleSoft and picked out what we think are the most interesting developments. Find out what this year has in store for the enterprise.

Privacy in the spotlight

The end of last year saw Gartner’s Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando. David Cearley, Vice President and Gartner Fellow outlined several trends to pay attention to. First of, Gartner predicts that consumers will demand more privacy. According to Cearley, organisations ”lacking in privacy protection will pay 100% more in compliance costs than those competitors following industry best-practices”. In other words, it’s becoming more expensive to react to privacy protection rather than have privacy built in from the start. As legislation to protect consumers’ data such as GDPR come into force, all departments in your organisation from Records and Information Management, IT, Marketing and Sales, to Human Resources and Legal will be affected. Uniquely positioned solutions such as OpenText Content Server can do much to help enterprises achieve compliance in this area.

IOT gets down to business

Another trend will be how Edge computing is deployed in IoT environments. The challenge will be how to integrate all the different device lifecycles. According to Gartner, the easier it becomes to deploy an edge device, the more difficult it will become to manage. Forrester also predict that IoT will get down to business. In the 2019 predictions report, while the B2C versions of IoT are still trying to find their footing, B2B applications of the technology are set to take off in 2019, and will focus on driving efficiencies, connecting the enterprise, expanding the edge, and, in some cases, providing personalised customer experiences.

Legacy systems reach for the cloud

According to our partners at MuleSoft, we’ll see more organisations modernise legacy systems, so they can co-exist with cloud infrastructure and applications. This is best achieved through an Application Network by APIs. As a result, we’ll see APIs increasingly become an intermediary between legacy systems and the cloud.

The year of the API

2019 will truly be the year of the API says MuleSoft Founder Ross Mason. To keep up with the speed of digital transformation, organisations need to change the way they operate. To fuel this shift, IT needs to change how its building blocks are created. IT should urge teams to build assets in widely consumable ways versus one-off efforts. By aligning development teams with this new mindset, a bank of reusable, externalisable API building blocks will grow into a powerful Application Network, allowing CIOs to decentralise IT and empower the business to move faster.

Lead to succeed with CX

According to Forrester’s CX index, brands will need to do more order to make gains in Customer Experience. To quote Harley Manning, Vice President, Research Director ”If their CX programs were home improvement projects, we’d say they were decorating, not renovating. This reality was last year’s response to a changing customer and the need to compete on the basis of experience.”

To make gains, CX needs to lead disruption. With Customer Communications Management and Digital Asset Management integral parts of Customer Experience, the ability to deliver rich, personalised, multi-media experiences to customers is vital. If organisations are going to succeed with CX, then having a platform that helps open up organisational silos, analyse quickly what audiences want, and adjust quickly enough to re-engage will be a key competitive differentiator across all digital channels. We expect that customer experience will continue as a major factor in how companies do business. When the dust settles on 2019, those fuelled by more dynamic business cases and tools will most likely see customer experience successes.

2019 And Beyond

With the pace of digital change, CIOs will certainly have a lot to do in 2019. Much depends on how businesses decide to prioritise and spend their IT budgets. Perhaps the biggest change we will see is not technical, but organisational. For example, a change to an API-led integration strategy requires a cultural shift in what the main role of IT is. To stay competitive in the digital world, IT should not be tasked with just keeping the lights on. IT needs to be present and central to a businesses top-level strategy. This means creating a culture of self-service so different departments within the organisation can drive their own innovations without being bottlenecked by centralised knowledge.

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