Swedwise helps SLL achieve better System Integration

december 13, 2018 / ,

Public sector organisations turn to Swedwise to help them improve information flows through faster, simpler, and more secure System Integration. One organisation that we continue to assist this year includes Stockholms Läns Landsting (SLL).


Today’s healthcare organisations face a critical need to integrate patient and administrative information as well as improve efficiency, service delivery and patient care. To achieve this, SLL must develop and manage a platform consisting of both synchronous and asynchronous flows of information between SLL’s various healthcare units. They must also add newer, more agile technology and processes to a traditional EDI management. This platform has high SLA requirements around the clock, every day of the week, all year round.

Swedwise helps SLL overcome these challenges with Swedwise Healthcare Suite (SHS): A suite consisting of a range of modules for both the latest API-driven development and more traditional EDI traffic in large volumes. Swedwise further augments this solution by delivering 24/7/365 expertise and agile support to SLL on the entire integration platform.


Swedwise Healthcare Suite (SHS) has the ability to handle asynchronous and synchronous messaging, embedded support for healthcare standards such as ETL-processing such as HL7 (v2 and  v3), DICOM, FHIR, CDA/CCD, and the ability to deploy application networks faster and easier. You can find out more about SHS here and it’s unique combination of technologies from integration providers such as Mulesoft, OpenText, xWare, Nodinite and Inobiz.


Whether you are a public or private organisation, our certified consultants in Systems Integration, APIs and EDI are dedicated to creating complete security, reliability and control of your information processes. If you would like to find out more, please contact Henrik Mörner Sales, Swedwise, Tel: +46 72 211 63 56 or send an email sales@swedwise.com.

This post is part of our “news round-up series”. This is a chance for you to gain insight into the types of industries and organisations we worked with this year, and the solutions used to overcome the various digital challenges.