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Time to wait out COVID-19 or an opportunity to accelerate your digital strategy?

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As the coronavirus sees businesses of all types and sizes grind to a halt, it can feel like the world is collectively stuck at a red light. There are many unknowns about how this crisis will unfold. But what we can know is that once the crisis passes, those who are in a good position to take full advantage of their business transformation efforts will be the winners.

This is what Steve Bates, Global Leader of KPMG’s CIO ‘Center of Excellence’ believes in the recent article for Bates says “You have to avoid the tendency to slash and burn your transformation and revert back to your traditional working model, which is human nature”.

His argument is that businesses should do what they can now to be in better position after the pandemic passes. According to Forrester Research CIOs will naturally be looking at what measures to take in this fast-changing environment. If we look back to events like 9-11 or the 2008 financial crisis, organisations that drastically cut back felt competition from companies that took the opposite approach when the global economy rebounded.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

With growth hinging on digital efforts, Bates makes a case for continuing to invest in your digital strategy, while balancing short-term efforts with long-term measures. “All roads lead back to the IT operating model,” Bates says. He stresses that strategies that incorporate the best people, processes and technologies are crucial – crisis or no crisis. COVID-19 should facilitate innovation rather than hinder it, and Bates thinks the worst thing to do now is become paralysed and not move forward. Furthermore, digital innovation by its very DNA provides a way to unlock the full potential of data flows throughout an organisation; which in turn makes it more robust to a rapidly changing environment.

Get Your Motor Running

With this in mind, what is the case for reviewing and improving the automation of your document flows? Whether or not you agree with Bates’s strategy, it is undeniable that Process and Information are the Engine and Fuel driving today’s businesses. And integrating them creates more business value.

Whether you’re using a Digital Process Automation platform, machine learning (ML), or a hybrid of intelligent automation (IA), they should be put to good use to not only augment and assist workers, but to also help deliver better Customer Experiences, which is crucial if creating customer loyalty is a key business driver.

Customer Experience + Operational Excellence = Business Advantage

Whatever your organisation’s strategy to the crisis is, it is certainly is worthwhile reviewing how your organisation can transform documents into actionable information by connecting customer experience (CX) and operational excellence (OPEX).

Process and Information are the Engine and Fuel driving today’s businesses.

How to get started with Digital Process Automation

Organisations may face several obstacles when starting to combine process automation with information management. But there are several approaches that can assist your organisation. Download our e-book guide to Digital Process Automation  to get started.

Ebook: Process Automation & Information Management: Digital Process Platforms

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