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Consilium achieve Information Governance with robust digital platform

november 26, 2018 /

Consilium Marine & Safety recently took enterprise-control of their document-intensive processes both locally and globally with a robust digital platformFind out what’s needed to achieve successful information governance in our latest Swedwise news-round up of 2018. 

A digital Voyage with Consilium

With 60+ offices in over 30 countries and 900+ employees, Consilium are the global market’s leading supplier of fire and gas detection in the marine industry, as well as a leader in the transport and construction segments.

Eight Essential Functions for Information Governance

Many organisations like Consilium face ever-increasing volumes of information. This information is used both internally and externally with different stakeholders, and in a variety of ways. The challenges information workers face range from tight deadlines, crammed inboxes, to determining if the correct person has the correct version of the correct document. In order to achieve successful information governance, eight essential functions need to be covered:

successful information governance

Covering these eight essential functions ensures successful information governance in a world of ever-increasing complexity.

Maintain, Control and Secure Information

In order achieve these eight functions, Consilium leveraged Swedwise’s expertise and invested in OpenText Content Suite and it’s core content repository Content Server.

With basic data from their ERP (Infor M3), Consilium can establish information security and governance for all content throughout its lifecycle. This includes a central archive with metadata management, version management, records management as well as search and reports management.

You can read more about how Consilium use Content Suite and Content Server in our customer day report here.

Find out more about Content Suite

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