xTrade and mulesoft anypoint platform integration with SLL

Stockholm county council ensures compliance

December 19, 2011 /

Every day, all year round, Stockholm’s County Council sends over 120,000 sensitive medical documents. The information can often be complex and move between internal and external logistics flows. To ensure nothing goes wrong SLL have entrusted Swedwise with an assignment that lasts over three years.

Swedwise will help deliver the solution xTrade, which used for integration of various IT and logistics systems. The solution will be used in the Stockholm County Council’s central message switching, for both medical information and internal and external logistics flows. The Karlstad based IT company is also responsible for the training of the County Council staff in the development of useful applications.

“It was the company behind xTrade, Xware, which recommended Swedwise, who despite being a small company has a large and unique expertise in this area. Their support is very valuable to us”, says Peter Burell, Service Manager at the Stockholm County Council. For Swedwise, the collaboration with Stockholm County Council is a prestigious assignment, which reinforces the positive development of the company.

“That we trusted by such a large and important organization as the Stockholm County Council is obviously great. It reinforces our belief that there is a high demand for our services, and makes us feel very positive about the future”, said Roger Wall, Sales Director Swedwise.

About Xware
Xware develops cutting edge software for secure and advanced information collaborations. Their xTrade Business Communications Suite is used to tie together partners, customers and suppliers in various forms of e-commerce and B2B solutions, which also includes wireless communication.

About SLL
The county council’s main task is to ensure that county residents have access to a well-functioning health care and public transport. They are also responsible for the long term planning of the region, creating the conditions for growth, and contributing to the culture of the county. 35,000 people move every year to Stockholm, making it the fastest growing county in Sweden with two million inhabitants; a fifth of Sweden’s population.