Find the information you need, when you need it: Content in Context with extended ECM

June 5, 2020 / ,

As organisations begin to tackle the rest of this year, the new realities of working mean successful Information Management is the difference between moving forward and standing still. So how do you ensure the efficient management, distribution and use of information continues across your business?

A Holistic Approach: Find the information you need, when you need it

A foundational principle of good Information Management is making sure information is fit for purpose; both for its primary purpose and potential secondary uses. Furthermore, this includes making sure information is standardised for staff to fully exploit the information, which unlocks even more value for users.

Smooth flow of information across departments with customisable user interfaces

By integrating your organisation’s various content management platforms, applications and systems in a holistic approach means employees no longer need access to every system and application to make informed decisions. If information surfaced directly in the system or dashboard they prefer to work in, you allow for the smooth flow of information across departments. For example, SAP content automatically surfaced to Salesforce users based on meta tag connections. This is what we mean by “Content in Context”.

Below is an example of how to link information and documents to existing systems with a common and / or individual interface – Customised based on authority, person, role etc

No need to step outside business processes

A good example of Content in Context is how the Microsoft Office Suite’s collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams have recently become essential in our remote working world. By integrating the activities and content created in Teams into the organisation’s central content management program, vital information can then be surfaced through other multiple applications, This helps add or ‘extend value’ to the tools beyond their original use.

User adoption

When individuals and teams have the information they need in front of them they make smarter, faster decisions and can focus on the task at hand. They know, see and can do more. Removing barriers to productivity, a holistic management of content drives user adoption, and with it agility and innovation, while increasing security and compliance.

Bring better governance to content

This approach of connecting content to the digital business is a cornerstone of the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise. Content Services open the door to all the organisation’s data; enabling you to seamlessly govern, organise and make it available to knowledge workers across the enterprise who have permission to access it. People and processes become more connected and productive, in ways that work for them, while increasing the amount of information that is brought under governance control.

How to connect your digital workplaces with your digital business?

The secret to success is in small steps, not giant leaps. Identify a specific challenge or opportunity within a function or process, and partner with a reputable vendor to identify a solution and implement it. Then move on to the next one.


Here are some things to remember when reviewing how Content Services and Extended ECM can help maximise your business processes:

Metadata makes the content smarter and offers context. Metadata also allows previously unstructured content to be connected to critical business processes.

Integrated Content Services with lead business systems allows for easily customisable, role-based experiences that reflect what users need to see—how, when and where they want. Users can now see the whole picture without ever leaving the application or interface with which they are most comfortable.

Building on an existing ECM platform with extended content services solves productivity issues and extend governance best practices to processes, one step at a time.

Creating a “single source of truth” makes information available to drive innovation, enhance customer service and reduce risk.

Maximise business processes with Swedwise and Content Services

Swedwise is a partner to OpenText the industry leader in Content Services. OpenText was once again named a leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms. If you would like more information on how we can help you successfully maintain, store and secure your information, please feel free to contact sales at +46 70 279 99 71 or