Make time for the good

Swedwise provides IT licensing, consulting, software development and support. But what we really do is save time and energy. Automating business processes means freedom to focus on the real value of your business.

How we work

We believe in using the simplest, fastest, and most effective way to meet your business challenges. That’s why our expertise is augmented by a range of industry leading customisable solutions. Together with our partners, we deliver solutions of the highest quality within Information Management and System Integration.

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Information Mgmt

Transform your internal and external document processes without losing service quality with our tailor-made solutions.

System Integration

Upgrade, update and improve the security of your systems in the most cost-effective, value-creating way.


Our partnerships with leading technology providers enable you to create secure, scalable and innovative solutions.

Support Services

Our professional certified technicians provide tailor-made contingency services, ranging from easier handling of incidents to advanced troubleshooting and support. 24/7.


Ensure your developers meet new digital challenges head on with our range of certification and training services.

Enterprise Service Mgmt

Support digitalisation by enabling automated management of internal and external workflows