Flexlink Enhances Its Content Management

Flexlink uses OpenText™ Core to handle enterprise-scale content management challenges.

FlexLink is a global leader in providing advanced production logistics solutions; specialising in the manufacturing of flexible, modular conveyors as well as industrial automation and assembly equipment. It consists of over +1000 employees in 26 operating units and has a complex worldwide manufacturing and supply chain in 60+ countries. As an agile organisation, where knowledge generation and sharing are critical, Flexlink’s commitment to project fulfilment with its customers is paramount.

Flexlink therefore requires efficient and secure handling of large amounts of technical and operational data, as well as the need to reduce manual handling and administration in all projects. This requires a sophisticated enterprise content management (ECM) system that can streamline processes and ensure compliance across global operations.



The chosen solution was OpenText’s market-leading SaaS application, Core Content. This managed, comprehensive solution offered immediate content services, was easy to implement, and featured a clear, integrated functional roadmap for expansion, thereby enhancing business value.

Swedwise proposed a strategy that shifted focus from a regular document archiving solution to an approach aimed at extending the value beyond simple legacy archiving even after the server issues were experienced. Due to its cloud-based nature, OpenText™ Core eliminates server management burdens and enables rapid deployment. Moreover, it can support large-scale migrations and includes robust compliance features tailored to enterprise needs.

What is OpenText Core?

OpenText™ Core is a SaaS-based cloud content management system that can be rapidly deployed:

Key implementation steps included:


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