Global Business Extends CRM Capabilities with Exstream

Complex customer communication needs are handled with greater efficiency and compliance.

A global manufacturer of precision electronics manufacturing equipment

A leading provider of innovative precision electronics manufacturing equipment has a wide product offering over geographically diverse markets. With 2000+ employees in 12+ countries and 35,000 production systems at 4,600 customers, the business is well known for its displays, semiconductors and electronics assemblies. The company’s existing CRM must be able to handle complex customer communication needs – particularly in generating customised, compliant, and multi-lingual customer communications.



To address the complex requirements of the Enterprise’s CRM system, Swedwise suggested OpenText™ Exstream with an interactive module, which could enhance the system’s capability to handle intricate design logic and omnichannel output needs. This solution leverages advanced customisation features, enabling the business to dynamically present marketing imagery, manage multi-language documents efficiently, and personalise customer communications down to individual signatures tailored by region.


The new solution provides substantial improvements:

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