Focus Areas

Swedwise provides IT licensing, consulting, software development and support. But what we really do is save time and energy. Automating business processes means freedom to focus on the real value of your business.

It’s our passion to help companies trim costs, work smarter and unlock new opportunities by digitising and automating information intensive processes. By choosing Swedwise, you gain the best strategic insight and technical know-how available. Our partnerships with leading technology providers ensure you get the right solution that’s specific to your needs. We divide our expertise into two areas:

Enterprise Information Management

Increase the efficiency and control in structuring, storage and distribution of all your digital documents and assets. We can assist you with Customer Communications and Enterprise Content Management, Document Management, Data Capture, and Archiving.

Systems Integration

We guide you across the whole cycle of integration, from roadmaps to implementation, support and delivery. Our expertise includes API management application networks and microservices (MuleSoft Anypoint Platform), DevOps, IoT- challenges, as well as traditional systems integration for B2B (EDI, ESB) and monitoring.

+ Information Management

With our tailor-made solutions, we’ll help you automate your internal and external document processes without losing service quality.

+ Systems Integration

Ensure, enhance or update your systems in the most cost effective, value-adding way.

+ Applications and platforms

We provide end-to-end solutions to different industries.

+ Support Services

Our Service Desk is manned by professional certified technicians, and contingency services can be tailored to simple event handling to advanced troubleshooting.