It can be hard to successfully create a DevOps methodology.  Swedwise can help you manage the relationship between development and your operation teams: Providing guidance on which DevOps tools and technologies to utilise to enable this collaborative environment. By helping you create a hybrid integration platform that is lightweight, easy to install, and suitable for CICD, ( Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery) workflows, Swedwise provide seamless support for dependency management, testing, version control, and automated deployment tooling.

Create a DevOps Culture

By embracing DevOps, you gain a competitive edge by bringing products and services to market faster – improving market share, making your organization more efficient and your people more productive.

Faster time-to-market

DevOps is means faster software development , ensuring more frequent delivery

Improve team collaboration

Bring teams together into one seamlessly unified team, sharing knowledge, culture and processes to ensure faster innovation

Continuously deliver high-quality software

Better serve the end-user, offering improved applications to make their jobs easier


Let’s do DevOps Together

Our experts can help you re-build your deployment pipeline towards continuous delivery of more frequent and faster live deployments. Swedwise also partner with MuleSoft – a leading integration provider. Using Anypoint Platform™, we can help you build a successful DevOps environment to create better DevOps practices.

Swedwise is well positioned to leverage our experience to help you with DevOps adoption. Please contact Henrik Mörner, Key Account Manager, Swedwise, Tel: +46 72 211 63 56.