We have in-depth Applications and Platforms experience in OpenText StreamServe/Exstream, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, Lexmark ReadSoft, xWare xTrade, Inobiz and more.

Our certified experts goal is to improve your processes in the most cost-effective, value-adding way. We integrate many types of platforms and applications within many business verticals including Healthcare, Finance and Insurance, Logistics, Automotive, Telecom, Manufacturing and more.

OpenText Exstream (StreamServe)

Even at high volumes and processing speeds, StreamServe personalizes every communication, including cross-/ up-sell offers or other notices tuned to each customer.

OpenText Content Suite & Server

Our team has wide experience in deploying OpenText Content Suite and Content Server to help you organize, collaborate, manage and route electronic documents in your organisation.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

Any point technology eliminates costly, time-intensive point-to-point integration, enabling business agility for SaaS companies, system integrators and enterprises of all size.

Infor M3

If you are already an Infor M3 user, we can help you reduce manual handling and significantly improve your customer communications by automating document distribution across any ERP to any media.


Add eSignatures to your existing document templates. Digital Transaction Management is a cloud service designed to enable faster, easier, and secure transaction processes across your enterprise, customers, suppliers and more – 100% digitally.

Kofax Data Capture

Achieve faster and less expensive document processing, with Kofax Data Capture.

xWare xTrade

No matter if you already are an exisiting xTrade user or new to the Xtrade Business 
Communications Suite, we can assist you with using this powerful business integration and communication tool.

Inobiz DS Mapping

Our expertise in Inobiz DS can provide cost-effective, easy to use and scalable and adaptable solutions to both large and small systems.

Kofax TotalAgility

Help your organisation effectively automate your business processes.