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Do you want to produce and add messages to your Infor M3 documents without the need for help from your IT-department? You can drastically shorten lead-times with Interactive Correspondence for M3 – a new module from OpenText (producers of Customer Communications Enterprise, formerly StreamServe).

New module for M3 – Interactive Correspondence

Interactive Correspondence is designed to give your output management optimal flexibility and scalability, and packaged to simplify implementation and maintenance of your customer communications management (CCM). Even at high volumes and processing speeds, Interactive Correspondence, powered by OpenText CCE (StreamServe) personalizes every communication, including cross-/ up-sell offers or other notices tuned to each customer.


  • A smoothly controlled quality assured process
  • No need to script or make modifications in either M3 or StreamServe
  • No orders for test or production environment needed


At the appropriate place on a document, your IT department can place a section where you want to be able to make changes. Your IT department continues to manage the document as usual, while you have an area where you can manage professional messages to your customers and suppliers.

 Lift the burden off IT

Our expertise with Interactive Correspondence for Infor M3 adds all document handling features of StreamServe to your M3 system. The result is optimal functionality and value added to your business processes in your ERP environment.

  • StreamServeBase: Includes all essential components for the design and delivery of personalized communication
  • High-Volume Communications: Designed for high-speed, high-volume document creation and distribution
  • Interactive Correspondence: Meets the needs of communications professionals, from marketing and sales to support, whether ad hoc, on demand or multi-channel

Benders Case Study – Customer Success Story


With Interactive Correspondence, Benders reduced lead time to change documents from an average of 8.3 days to less than 30 minutes.

With Interactive Correspondence, Benders reduced lead time to change documents from an average of 8.3 days to less than 30 minutes.



Benders is one of the leading manufacturers in the Nordic market for roof and ground and grows also in other ranges of building trade. The company has subsidiaries in six countries, headquartered in Edsvära in Vara i Sweden and a turnover of SEK 1.8 billion with approximately 750 employees. Increased digitization means that Benders customers make orders, receive invoices and quotes using tools such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), via web portals or e-mail. This leads to fewer opportunities to inform customers about new products, special offers and to include personal messages.


As part of the implementation of a new Infor M3 ERP platform, Benders decided therefore to improve document composition and production. Earlier when a new document template was to be created or modified, the IT department had to be involved. This created high costs and long lead times to implement changes to the contract document template.



Benders turned to the OpenText partner Swedwise as the recommended OpenText Communication Center Enterprise CCE, (formerly StreamServe) and Interactive Correspondence Management.



In addition to lower costs by not having to involve the IT department for document changes, Benders reduced lead time to change documents from an average of 8.3 days to less than 30 minutes. With Interactive Correspondence Management,  relevant information can be easily added to a specific customer to a document such as contact details, delivery location and times. The staff also feel involved and are more motivated because they themselves can meet their document needs. Finally, the software package is very easy and easy to implement, as only one day’s training is needed. Read more about this customer success story here. 



Together with our partner IsMoTec, you benefit from over 40 years of support and development experience adding StreamServe’s document management features to the  Infor M3 environment.


For more information about OpenText Communications Center Enterprise (StreamServe) and Interactive Correspondence for M3, contact Roger Wall,  or Tel: +46 70 279 99 71


OpenText Benders Customer Success Story

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