OpenText StreamServe and Exstream

OpenText Exstream (which includes StreamServe) is a powerful omnichannel customer communications platform. Your business can engage your customers, suppliers and other business partners anytime, anywhere and integrate and distribute documents over any channel or format. With OpenText Exstream, different departments within your organisation can control and customise documents themselves without the need to wait for updates from IT staff, which free-up IT resources.

A Centralised Platform for all your needs


Select the channel you want to use to communicate with your customers. Create digital or physical documents that are individually tailored to each, such as offers and cross-selling.


Create a uniform communications profile across all channels.


Empower business teams to send personalised messages directly without the need for IT.

StreamServe – part of Exstream Platform

StreamServe simplifies the design and editing of all types of documents for Omnichannel communications. User permissions ensures compliance. With StreamServe you can create, produce and distribute your documents via one independent communications layer.

StreamServe enables digital communications regardless of data source and outputs to any channel or format.

A New Generation CCM-tool

  • STORY TELLER: Create web-based dynamic documents with pre-approved templates
  • COMPOSITION CENTER: Set rules and control content to follow your business’s graphic profile.
  • AD HOC OCH REVIEWER: Change or add content on-demand, preview, and publish.
  • COLLECTOR ARCHIVE: Store documents, retrieve, check and send instantaneously.

From any source to any format

StreamServe enables digital communications regardless of data source and outputs to over 60 different formats. Business applications that typically use OpenText Exstream and StreamServe include, but are not limited to:

  • Microsoft, Dynamics AX
  • OpenText, Content Server
  • mySAP, SAP
  • Infor, M3
  • Jeeves Information Systems
  • ASW, BS Enterprises

OpenText Exstream and StreamServe for Infor M3 users

If you are an Infor M3 user, (Movex M3), OpenText Exstream (StreamServe) can extend your Customer Communications (CCM) capabilities so you can produce and add marketing messages to your Infor M3 documents without the need for help from your IT-department. Contact us for more info.

Case Study – Benders

With Exstream, our customers have experienced easier, faster and simpler communications with their customers and suppliers Read our Customer Success Story on how Benders decreased internal lead-times for document creation from 8,3 days to under 90 minutes.

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(Also know as Customer Communications Enterprise) which is now part of the Exstream Plattform:


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Licenses, Upgrades and Training

We are both certified OpenText Select and Support Partners. Swedwise provides licenses, upgrades and training. Contact us to find out more.