Swedwise Healthcare Suite

Swedwise Healthcare Suite (SHS) is a total Integration environment, built to satisfy the needs of larger Healthcare Integration Centers. It consists of several products and modules, which can be combined depending on your organization’s needs, as well as choice of integration strategy and models. It can easily be expanded to handle any volume of messaging.

Lower costs with higher quality and performance

Swedwise Healthcare Suite supports ETL-processing between many standards in Healthcare such as HL7 (v2 and v3), DICOM, FHIR, CDA/CCD as well as other communication and data standards as EDIFACT, Swe-faktura, XML, SFTP, AS/2.

High Volume With High Security

High Volume Messaging

Handle over one million transactions daily with complete trace & track in Message Trace

Secure and Stable

Features Military grade security accredited by NATO

Fast Implementation

Fast and accurate development at low cost

Application Overview

Swedwise Healthcare Suite Application Overview

Swedwise Healthcare Suite Application Overview

SHS Versus Standard Applications

With Swedwise Healthcare Suite (SHS), your organization can quickly go from traditional EDI to API-first led development of B2B without the risk of losing the accumulated traditional EDI connections.


This provides improved ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions in the business environment. SHS delivers a seamless experience whether your organisation deploys legacy EDI communications or high-end API-led technology.


Our Message Trace and Statistics modules span across all other SHS modules providing a total view of all your messaging statistics.


Compared with a pure EDI exchange, SHS also offers an API-first led approach for greater flexibility in the connection of different partners, while maintaining a highly secure connection to ERP and similar core system.


SHS applications and processes

Swedwise Healthcare Suite Applications and Processes

Platform Components

Swedwise Healthcare Suite provides the opportunity to interchanges components and modules based on your organisations needs, including:


MuleSoft Anypoint Platform – API-First Connectivity

Industry leading platform fully that’s compliant with the latest micro-services & DevOps methodology (incl. in SHS Synchronous).

xWare xTrade – High volume, secure messaging

EMS-suite with mapping and ETL functionality already implemented (incl. in SHS Asynchronous).

Inobiz – DS mapping

Integrate and connect systems within an enterprise (EAI) and/or between businesses (EDI), but also to integrate the systems with the web (incl. in SHS Asynchronous).

SNAPT – Load Balancer

Guarantees the performance, reliability and security of your web servers and services. (incl. in SHS Asynchronous, SHS Synchronous).

Hero (OpenText StreamServe)

Enterprise-wide design, deployment and multi-channel delivery of documents and correspondence (incl. in SHS Hero).


Api-driven Connectivity

Compared with a pure EDI exchange, SHS also offers an API-first led approach for greater flexibility in the connection of different partners, while maintaining a highly secure connection to ERP and similar core system.

Use Swedwise Healthcare Suite to:

  • Use a “API-first” strategy and create a network application that handles both API-based integration as well as older B2B / EDI based on the same platform.
  • Use “API wrappers” to create and publish RESTful APIs to existing EDI flows and documents in a new, safe and more accessible way.
  • Create a microsevices based environment for both existing and new EDI flows which becomes better and cheaper to manage and faster to develop.

API-first connectivity uses three layers:

Interface: presentation of data in a management adjustable and securely via APIs.

Orchestration: Applying business logic to the data, such as transformation and enrichment.

Connectivity: Access to the original data, either from their own physical systems or external services.


API-led connectivity

API-led connectivity proposes a three-layered architecture

Transform your Healthcare

Do you want to know more about how you can transform your Healthcare with Swedwise Healthcare Suite? Our certified consultants in systems integration, APIs and EDI are dedicated to creating complete security, reliability and control of your information processes. Please contact Henrik Mörner, Sales, Swedwise, Tel: +46 72 211 63 56 or send an email to henrik.morner@swedwise.com.


Swedwise Healthcare Suite