Use Office 365 with Extended ECM for efficiency, security, and control

By implementing a standardized integration with Office 365, access to the organisation’s data is unlocked.

Use Office 365 with Extended ECM for efficiency, security, and control

Today’s organizations handle ever-increasing volumes of information, which are used both internally and externally with different stakeholders in a variety of ways. The challenges faced by information workers range from tight deadlines and crammed inboxes to determining if the correct person has received the correct version of the document.

By standardizing integration with Office 365, organizations can open the door to their data and make information available internally and externally to those who need it when they need it while maintaining control over automated security, governance, and compliance.

Integrating Office 365 with Extended ECM

In this webinar, Roel Gillesen, Senior Strategic Ecosystem Manager for Microsoft Solutions, demonstrates how a combination of OpenText Content Suite – Extended ECM with Microsoft Office 365 and Teams can strengthen processes by providing control and regulatory compliance in all information flows, increasing efficiency and security.

When it’s time to take your Information Management to the next level, choose a provider that simplifies everyday life while future-proofing processes. Swedwise has helped many companies with secure project delivery, satisfied employees, and reduced external consulting needs.

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