Swedwise Enhances Content Management for Flexlink

Swedwise’s expertise in Content Management solutions helped global manufacturer Flexlink address its immediate technical challenges while creating a robust foundation for ongoing digital transformation.

Flexlink Case Study

FlexLink is a global leader in providing advanced production logistics solutions; specialising in the manufacturing of modular conveyors as well as industrial automation and assembly equipment. It consists of over +1000 employees in 26 operating units and has a complex worldwide manufacturing and supply chain in 60+ countries. As an agile organisation, where knowledge sharing is critical, Flexlink needs an efficient and secure system to manage extensive technical and operational data, minimising manual handling and administrative tasks across all projects. This calls for an enterprise content management (ECM) system that can optimise workflows and maintain compliance throughout global operations.


Flexlink had been assessing the necessity of implementing the OpenText™ xECM-based Regulated Archive, supplied by Swedwise, for managing legacy documents from its Infor M3 ERP system. New compliance and data governance standards and a growing need for a secure and future-proofed content services platform made xECM the clear choice.

In 2022, Flexlink’s requirements shifted unexpectedly. A critical server failure and the discovery that the scheduled backups had failed, necessitated an urgent emergency migration. They required a system capable of managing documentation as efficiently as the proposed xECM solution but with external management, enabling the organisation to concentrate on resolving internal server issues.


The chosen solution was OpenText’s market-leading SaaS application, Core Content. This solution offered immediate content services, was easy to implement, and featured a clear, integrated functional roadmap for expansion, thereby enhancing business value.

Swedwise proposed a strategy that shifted focus from a regular document archiving solution to an approach aimed at extending the value beyond simple legacy archiving even after the server issues were experienced. Due to its cloud-based nature, OpenText™ Core eliminates server management burdens and enables rapid deployment. Moreover, it can support large-scale migrations and includes robust compliance features tailored to enterprise needs.

What is OpenText Core?

OpenText™ Core is a SaaS-based cloud content management system that can be rapidly deployed:

Seamless Integration: Compatibility with major business applications such as SAP® S/4HANA, Salesforce®, Microsoft® 365, and Google Workspace, enabling continued utilisation of existing investments.

Enhanced Productivity: Facilitated department collaboration, accelerating business processes and improving governance.

Compliance and Security: Ensured secure and compliant content management, meeting stringent data protection standards essential for global operations.

Key implementation steps included:

Migration Strategy: Creating an organised document taxonomy in OpenText™ Core, integrating with Azure AD, and configuring Core for federated compliance with custom retention policies.

Custom Development: A migration tool developed by Swedwise to ensure metadata was mapped correctly into the appropriate categories in Core Content.

System Integration and User Adoption: Ensuring the new system is integrated smoothly with existing workflows and user interfaces to promote widespread adoption.


The adoption of OpenText™ Core has delivered a swift, dependable, and effective solution to an urgent issue while improving Flexlink’s content management throughout the organisation. By simplifying data retrieval with a structured, centralised, and searchable repository, the company can ensure compliance with changing data governance standards through customized retention policies tailored to their specific requirements.

Additionally, the scalable nature of OpenText™ Core offers the flexibility to accommodate future growth and integrate with other enterprise content management systems and processes, all without the burden of maintenance, management, or administration. This addresses Flexlink’s immediate technical challenges and sets a robust foundation for ongoing digital transformation and competitive advantage.

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