Swedwise make work flow for Flexlink

Flexlink improves document distribution and service quality with StreamServe upgrade.

Flexlink and Swedwise

Swedwise, have signed a deal with Flexlink: The global provider of production logistics solutions, to upgrade their StreamServe platform and renew licenses. Swedwise will not only will help Flexlink simplify existing customer communications management processes but also provide the possibility to add new functionality. Swedwise CEO Roger Wall said, “As certified OpenText developers and Select Partners, we are proud to work with Flexlink. This demonstrates that our expertise in output management is valued by many leading companies within many business verticals.”

A centralised Customer Communications Platform

The latest version of StreamServe grants organisations the flexibility to adapt documents according to their needs. For example, Flexlink’s can now customize correspondence – improving document and service quality. Swedwise’s Project Manager Göran Asplund said, “StreamServe handles input and output from your various business systems and helps create clear, relevant business documents in any format for distribution over any channel; electronically or physically. The bottom line is significant cost savings in the management of documents.”

Flexlink is a global provider of production logistics solutions and one of the world’s leading conveyor manufacturers of flexible, modular conveyors and industrial automation and assembly equipment. With the platform upgrade, Flexlink will now also take advantage of StreamServe’s archiving component “Collector”; allowing documents to be stored short-term, with a ready reference repository that can be viewed, recalled, or re-sent in a matter of seconds. This provides Flexlink’s customers access to a portal where they can see and manage their documents such as order histories, invoices, and confirmations. The solution is delivered together with partners, iSMoTec.

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