Swedwise signs an agreement with Xpeedio Support Solutions AB

High-Quality support for System Monitoring and Alarm Handling.

swedwise and expeedio

Swedwise has signed an agreement with Xpeedio Support Solutions AB for system monitoring and alarm handling outside Swedish office hours.

Henrik Mörner, Key Account Manager for Swedwise, commented:

“Swedwise quickly understood that Xpeedio, in addition to many years of experience, also shares Swedwise’s view of how services should be delivered to provide added value to the end customer. We are secure in the knowledge that when Xpeedio’s experienced team takes over from our own team during evenings and weekends, Xpeedio meets all the requirements with their strong focus on delivering high-quality support”.

John Josefsson, Acting CEO  for Xpeedio, expressed the Xpeedio team’s happiness and confidence to be part of Swedwise’s support delivery to one of their largest accounts:

“Xpeedio’s mission is, in collaboration with Swedwise’s own support organisation, to deliver system monitoring and support outside Swedish office hours. We have through many years of experience of similar assignments, an established and efficient support process that gives our customers the support and security required. Xpeedios technicians are available in our monitoring center, 24 hours a day, 7 days a year”.

About Swedwise AB: Swedwise is an IT company with offices in Karlstad and Stockholm. Since 2010, we offer software licensing, consulting, development, and support. By utilising information management, we give our customers more time to focus on the real value of their business.

About Xpeedio Support Solutions AB: Xpeedio is a Swedish IT company, founded in 2003 with headquarters in Stockholm, Hammarby Sjöstad. The company is active in the area of IT Support, IT operations, and support digitisation.

For more information contact Henrik Mörner or +4672-211 63 56 also Lovisa Engwall lovisa.engwall@xpeedio.se  +4670-420 76 49.

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