Customer Communications Management

Easily automate internal and external personalised communication via a centralised CCM platform.

Why Customer Communications Management?

Customer Communications Management (CCM) helps create better interactions between your organisation and its customers, suppliers, and other business partners. You can engage them with personalised, relevant information, anywhere, anytime, and on a platform of their choice. CCM can support your Customer Experience (CX) work to improve customer loyalty, provide valuable insight into customer journeys, and lower costs by automating document processes.

Swedwise is a specialist in Customer Communications Management (CCM). We use CCM platforms which are according to Aspire, industry leaders. Our customers say with Swedwise solutions they experience a better, more productive day at work. Communication takes place faster and is more personalised for the recipient.

How Customer Communications Management Helps Your Business

Simplify Document Design

With a centralised CCM platform, you can optimise the design, management, and delivery of ultra-personalised communications. This can be applied to documents such as invoices, letters, customer correspondence, statements, policies, and contracts – regardless of the data source to any channel or digital formats.

Improve Team Collaboration

Accelerate the creation, collaboration, production, storage, and distribution of digital media across your ecosystem of authorised employees, users, and partners.

Faster Time-to-Market

Get to market up to 85% faster with powerful content management, customisation, and integration tools; increasing customer engagement, and enhancing customer experience.

StreamServe – Now part of OpenText™ Exstream Platform

Market-leading OpenText™ Exstream (Formerly StreamServe) simplifies the design and editing of all types of documents for Omnichannel communications. User permissions ensure compliance. OpenText™ Exstream (StreamServe) empowers non-technical business users to create, produce and distribute documents via one independent communications layer.

Opentext Exstream CCM/CXM Platform
OpenText™ Exstream (StreamServe) is a centralised platform, which enables digital communications regardless of data source and outputs over any channel or format.

Use Any Data Source in Any Format

OpenText™ Exstream is AnyPrem and scaleable. Capture, create, manage, and output digital communications regardless of the data source to over 60 different formats. Business applications that typically use Exstream include, but are not limited to:

Customer Communications with Generative AI

OpenText Experience Aviator can help users customise written communications in a flash. Everything from emails, pdfs, webpages, and e-invoicing, to bi-directional text messaging, or social media posts, can be deployed from a single platform.

OpenText™ Silver and Support Partners

We are both certified OpenText™Silver and Support Partners. Swedwise provides licenses, upgrades, training, and support for a range of OpenText™Enterprise solutions. Contact us to find out more.

Swedwise is an OpenText Reseller and Support Partner

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Choose market-leading solutions and/or specialised consultants. Enhance your existing investments, future-proof information flows, and optimise your day-to-day operations.

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Get I.T. training and certification to help you and your company further develop skills in key information management and integration technologies.

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Reduce risk with dedicated support services. We help take care of system operations within many business verticals. Save time and focus on your core business.

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