Support digitalisation by enabling automated management of internal and external workflows

On a typical day, your organisation is likely to handle a variety of service orders for software installations, new equipment, access to systems, file areas, and workspaces. But how do you ensure that all of this is done quickly, properly, and under the right circumstances?


Moreover, these requests can often overwhelm the organisation. This leads to a disregard of policies, approvals and not least documentation. And with accelerating digitalisation, maintaining control becomes even more of a challenge.

Orchestrate digitalised service delivery with ESM

Enterprise Service Management or ESM, supports an organisation during its digital journey by guaranteeing access to internal and external services and processes. Everything from equipment, management systems, routines, rules, audits and control of digital processes.


By orchestrating the execution of both manual and automated tasks, organisations can overcome bottlenecks in service delivery, while staff can get access to the necessary resources quickly and controlled and secure way.


In other words, ESM enables companies to improve the quality of their service and regulatory compliance and security while reducing IT costs.


ESM: An integrated, role-based and automated workplace

Employees today expect the same high standard of personalised and easy-to-use services in the workplace, as they use in their private lives. So how do you handle the expectations of quick and easy access to a variety of services throughout your organisation? Once again the answer is simple: Enterprise Service Management  – a concept that combines classic case management with modern order management.

Swedwise helps you create efficient orchestration of internal and external workflows.

Role-adapted employee experiences (EX)

According to Forrester, CIOs see an increased need for collaboration within and outside the organisation. Promoting collaboration by making it easier to find relevant information will, of course, affect the end customer and the experiences they get from a brand.


Digitised service delivery gives your organisation access to:


A single ordering portal for services. An interface where users can call up services from all different parts of the organisation.

A simple overview of services that is fully customisable based on user permissions.

Secure delivery, which is orchestrated by the platform with easy-to-set-up automation.

Effective support for users that can be automated and streamlined.

Governance built-in of who consumes which service and under what conditions, makes it easier and faster to carry out updates to services.

ITSM specialists make a difference

Make everyday life easier with Swedwise’s in-depth knowledge of establishing service management within various organisations. We have experience of complete ITSM solutions based on ITIL’s processes, as well as order portals for services such as HR, equipment, operations, and finance. Our long experience means that we can efficiently and with high quality, create a platform that suits your needs.


Together with our partners, we deliver solutions of the highest quality within Information Management and System Integration.


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Make time for the good

When it’s time to take digitalisation to the next level, choose a supplier that simplifies everyday life and gives you future-proofed processes. Swedwise offers many years of knowledge in all parts of establishing and adapting ITSM tools and order portals. Everything from feasibility studies, design, implementation to management and support services are offered.


We have experience with modern ITSM tools from suppliers such as Broadcom, Microsoft, ServiceNow and iTop.


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