Content Services Platforms

Easily find, and reuse relevant information and documents with fast, cost-effective, and contextual information management.

Information Management Simplified

Today’s organizations manage ever-increasing amounts of information. This means every business process requires more digital input and output. It can result in documents being duplicated and stored in multiple systems, making it difficult for users to find and access the correct information quickly. Moreover, some valuable documents end up left unused in “document graveyards”, while other no-longer compliant documents take up space in multiple repositories creating data zombies.

But what if you could simplify the access to documents? Ensure security and compliance with AI? And instead of wasting time searching for documents in multiple systems, you could bridge information silos with a single default access point? The solution is simpler than expected: Content Services.

Enterprise Content Management vs Content Services

You may have heard Content Services Platforms (CSPs) used synonymously with Enterprise Content Management (ECM). However, the key difference is that ECM focuses on the capture, storage, and management of content, while Content Services take a service-driven approach.

Your Organisation’s Information Portal

A Content Services Platform acts as your default access point for structured and unstructured data found in all types of systems within your organisation. Rather than storing all a company’s information within one platform, the CSP integrates apps and services to access, work with, and manage information wherever it resides. This simplifies how content and documents are accessed and shared by allowing users to work within familiar systems. These can be for example key business systems such as Customer Communications, Enterprise Resource Planning, or even simple archives.

CSP single view
With Content Services, users save time and unlock the value of their business information with a single-view approach.

Content Services Benefits


Collaborate with integrated workspaces and a single-view portal that reduces the need to “jump” between different applications. This can shorten lead times in Case Management and improve time to respond for departments such as Customer Services.

Smart Functionality

Governance and access controls for enhanced analytics, searchability, and sharing across departments and with external partners.

AI-driven Compliance

Apply AI so non-compliant data can be automatically eliminated from repositories. AI can also ensure that employees’ sharing of documents in applications like MS Teams follows compliance.

Automated Workflows

Reduce manual workload by handling metadata, storage, classification, and lifecycle decisions autonomously.

Information Management simplified with Extended ECM

Swedwise brings together the market-leading OpenText™ Extended ECM (also known as Content Suite), with our expertise to deliver fast and contextual information management. By using this centralised platform, our approach effectively addresses common information management issues encountered in daily operations.

OpenText Content Suite diagram
Develop, control, and secure your information with OpenText™ Content Suite.

Make it easier to collaborate, search and share information

With its standard integration with Microsoft™ Office 365, Content Suite simplifies the control, organisation, and secure sharing of information both internally and externally. This opens up exciting new possibilities for collaboration. Additionally, the platform ensures automated regulatory compliance and the secure storage of data, enhancing existing processes and significantly increasing business value.

Extend your existing ECM capabilities with Core

What happens if your organisation is seeking increased agility, but moving from a traditional Enterprise Content Management System all at once is just unrealistic? OpenText™ Core provides an agile, scalable turnkey hybrid approach for mid-market-to-enterprise and secure cloud-based platform. Contact us for more information.

Find the content you need faster regardless of the format. OpenText Content Aviator lets you find and understand what’s important in your data quickly.

Content Services – The Swedwise Way

Swedwise combines leading Content Service platforms with a flexible implementation strategy, which includes extensive System Integration experience. Standardised integrations for Microsoft Office 365® and MS Teams, SAP®, Salesforce®, and Google, means you can easily control, organise and make information accessible internally and externally.

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OpenText™ Silver and Support Partners

We are both certified OpenText™ Silver and Support Partners. Swedwise provides licenses, upgrades, training and support for our Enterprise Content Services solutions. Contact us to find out more.

Swedwise is an OpenText Reseller and Support Partner

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