Hybrid Integration

Leverage the data and functionality of on-premises legacy applications while making way for innovation.

A Best-of-Both-Worlds Solution

Converting to an all-cloud integration application system is not always the best solution for all enterprises; nor is continuing with out-of-date legacy systems. Hybrid cloud integration provides a best-of-both-worlds solution.

With Hybrid integration, you can integrate your on-premises applications (databases, warehouses, applications, and legacy systems) with cloud-based applications such as SaaS/PaaS-based applications for CRM, Social media, mobile apps, etc. to create a single platform for new services.

This means you can leverage the data and functionality of on-premises legacy applications while making way for innovation.

Modernise Integration at Your Own Pace

Swedwise can help you modernise your approach to EDI and B2B integration. With hybrid integration, you take data from on-premises legacy systems and integrate it with cloud data, to ensure your organisation continues to move the business forward. We ensure that you meet regulatory compliance – the data that must remain within the enterprise firewall, while insensitive data can stay in the cloud. You decide what data is stored where.

MuleSoft Anypoint for Hybrid Architecture

As MuleSoft solution providers, Swedwise offers the unique advantage of providing two platforms that function as one. Using Anypoint Platform as an ESB handles on-premises integration and CloudHub handles cloud-based integration. Anypoint Platform as an ESB and CloudHub work together as a single platform, with the same tools and features, providing a unified platform for integration on-premises, cloud, or hybrid – allowing integration of anything, anywhere.

Connect Anything, Anytime, Anywhere with MuleSoft

Leveraging MuleSoft for hybrid architecture also offers the flexibility of moving to the cloud when you are ready. Our certified developers work with you to transform your organisation at your own speed, as well as fully support you as your needs change.

API-tier for ESB

The challenge with coupling applications directly to the ESB is that the ESB does not fit with the preferred architecture of modern mobile and HTML5 client apps or with highly scalable web tiers using elastic cloud capabilities. To enable external access to any number of apps, from your partner channels or new app development teams, and to be able to access functions and data from internal systems while meeting security requirements, Swedwise leverages our expertise with MuleSoft Anypoint Platform.


With Hybrid Integration, Swedwise can help your organisation quickly go from traditional EDI to API-first led development without the risk of losing the accumulated traditional EDI connections. Compared with a pure EDI exchange, an API-first-led approach offers you greater flexibility in the connection of different partners, while maintaining a highly secure connection to ERP and similar core systems.

What are your Hybrid Integration Challenges?

Our certified consultants in systems integration, APIs and EDI, XML, EDIFACT, and B2B integration are dedicated to creating complete security, reliability, and control of your information processes.

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